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My name is Sofia Campos and I was borned  in Oporto, Portugal.

I’m a lover of all things artsy, a maker of crafts. Focusing on childhood memories and patterns, I love to create digital and also colorful handmade pieces.

I studied print design and then UI UX design:)


Suluna was created in 2016, focusing on  hand painted t-shirts, unique
accessories and clothing made from eco- friendly textiles. Each and every
item was carefully handmade and some details might differ from one piece to another.

I was involved in all the process: photography, digital marketing, editing, embroidery, sewing, contact with supliers.

You can find Suluna products at  portuguese shops  – Mercado 48 and Zucca Barucca – and at Oslo kids shop – Leker og mer.

Please feel free to email me: sofia_suluna@hotmail.com

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